Tire Trash

| Tuesday, July 29, 2008
So, about 2 months ago I noticed that my tire was going flat and so I filled it up. It continued to go flat pretty quickly. Well, the guys at Jiffy Lube told me I definitely needed to take it in and get a new tire. So, I took it in and there was a problem (I had driven on it when it was low so they told me the tire was ruined). We replaced the tire (for way too much) back on June 28th. So, I noticed about 2 weeks later that the tire was going flat again, so I filled it up and decided to take it back in.

This past Saturday, we were on our way to take it to the tire place when, well, things didn't go so well. We were on I-80 and driving down to State Street. When we were getting close to the exit, it sounded like the road was really bad. As we kept going we figured out it wasn't the road but the tire. Well, as you know there is no where to pull off on I-80 with all of the construction, so we got off on our exit and pulled off as soon as we could. We got out and here is what we saw:

My wife had her camera with her since we were going to get a new lens for her after that. Fortunately, when I bought the tire I had bought a full size spare and I drove on that until Monday as they didn't have any tires big enough. I think Anna and I are both really thankful that neither of us got hurt. That tire is nasty though!


| Friday, July 25, 2008
I think everyone has it. An addiction to something. I am not talking about an addiction to something bad (alcohol or drugs), but rather something that it seems like we can't live without, even though we can. I am going to confess my addiction. I have to warn you though, you may want to stop reading here because I wouldn't want you te get addicted as well. Read on at your own expense.

My addiction has a name. It's called Slickdeals. That's right, my favorite site ever. I check about 20 times a day (that is not an exaggeration, and that is probably an underestimate). My wife can attest to this fact that I look at this site way too much. Now, you may be wondering exactly why.

So slickdeals is just that, a lot of sweet deals on anything and everything. I mainly use it for the free stuff (I haven't bought a razor in over a year because I always get them free). I get free pictures all the time, and other cool stuff. I do have to warn you though that if you can't control your spending, this site is not for you. There are so many sweet deals every day that you can really start bringing the money in.

So, there you have it, my addiction. And just in case you don't want to go to the site, you can get a list of the 5 most recent deals right here on my blog under the 'Addicted' heading on the right. Happy deals everyone!

Oh yeah, I am going to do movie reviews here now!

Movie Time

| Wednesday, July 23, 2008
So, my wife and I have been watching a lot of movies lately and we have been enjoying that. We watched Step Up 2 a couple days ago, and to my surprise I enjoyed it. I sure wish I could dance, but since I can't I get a joy out of watching other people do it.

Also, we watched Drilbit Taylor and that was pretty good. Owen Wilson is always funny and my wife really likes watching his movies. She has also watched the first two Pirates Of the Caribbean and loves Johnny Depp (I swear all women do). Anyways, here is a clip of some sweet moves.


Time to start this blogging up again. Right now I am super busy with lots of work, but I still find time to spend with my wife. We have been to the planetarium a couple of times, and that was a lot of fun. We will certainly be heading down there again.

Other than that, the summer has been quiet with me just working a lot. Anna has been doing a lot of photography and taking lots of pictures. You can check those out on her site - Nimfahtography.

Also, check out my other blog where I am sharing parts of my journal entries from my mission. In a couple of years, you will get to hear about what I am doing right now there, but until then you will just have to keep up on my blog.