| Friday, July 25, 2008
I think everyone has it. An addiction to something. I am not talking about an addiction to something bad (alcohol or drugs), but rather something that it seems like we can't live without, even though we can. I am going to confess my addiction. I have to warn you though, you may want to stop reading here because I wouldn't want you te get addicted as well. Read on at your own expense.

My addiction has a name. It's called Slickdeals. That's right, my favorite site ever. I check about 20 times a day (that is not an exaggeration, and that is probably an underestimate). My wife can attest to this fact that I look at this site way too much. Now, you may be wondering exactly why.

So slickdeals is just that, a lot of sweet deals on anything and everything. I mainly use it for the free stuff (I haven't bought a razor in over a year because I always get them free). I get free pictures all the time, and other cool stuff. I do have to warn you though that if you can't control your spending, this site is not for you. There are so many sweet deals every day that you can really start bringing the money in.

So, there you have it, my addiction. And just in case you don't want to go to the site, you can get a list of the 5 most recent deals right here on my blog under the 'Addicted' heading on the right. Happy deals everyone!

Oh yeah, I am going to do movie reviews here now!