Preview of what's to come

| Friday, December 24, 2010

It's been a good year and I've achieved a lot over the past 12 months. I've also learned a lot about myself but the thing that has been completely clear is that I am a total bookworm. I also learned that I like to keep in shape as well (sorry sister, no six pack yet though). My wife has definitely confirmed her skill and love of drawing as well as she's been studying practically non-stop all year.

I am not much of a goal guy and so last year I didn't really set any goals for myself at the beginning of the new year. However, in about March I decided that I wanted to read 250 books for the year. I achieved that goal! As of right now, my total is at 262 and I suspect I'll add a few more to that number before the end of the year.

Having read so many books, I have written a lot of reviews, and if you want to look through them all, then here you go. However, like last year, I'll be putting together a few different lists over the next couple of weeks, so here's what you have to look forward to:On top of my posts for reading, I will be adding a couple of other posts:

  • 2011 goals (I'm actually setting some goals this year)

  • Top 5 movies (maybe I'll make it 10 if I can remember them all)

I look forward to some more blogging and you'll see that reflected in my goals for 2011.