| Monday, March 23, 2009
Just wanted to put a quick update about the newest program that I have been using and loving. It's called Digsby and it has freed up a ton of my memory on my computer. The basic idea of the program is to combine all of your IMs into one single program. For example, I use to have Skype, MSN, and Gtalk always open on my computer. Now, I only have Skype and Digsby (it's a long story why Skype isn't supported, but let's just say that Skype's API is very very bad). It also supports Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, and yes, Facebook. Maybe some of you have noticed that I am always on Facebook now. Well, not really, but I am always on the chat client.

The coolest thing about it is, is that not only are you logged in to the chat, but you also get your e-mail updates too. So, I know when I get a new Hotmail message, but also when I get a new work e-mail. And you can add multiple accounts with the same provider. So, for example, I have a gmail account and then my work account is also through Gmail so I have them both hooked up to Digsby letting me know when I get new e-mails. And, I can send e-mails directly from Digsby. However, I still have to open my e-mail client to read a full e-mail.

Finally, you can hook up Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn to get all the updates about all of your friends. You can customize the popups and so forth for each of the social networks as well.

There are a couple of negatives - group chats are not allowed. However, that isn't an issue for me as I do all of my group chats in Skype. Also, no sending files to other users unless they are also using Digsby. Kind of bad, but e-mail is better anyways because then I have the file backed up there, so it forces me to use e-mail to send files. In all, the program rocks, and compared to MSN and Gtalk together, the memory footprint is much smaller, and now I am hooked in to about twice as many places knowing what is going on. Check it out.